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Welcome to Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center

Adult Daycare Facility in Lynchburg, Virginia

Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center is thriving! Please join our thriving family and join the many wonderful activities that we’ve planned all throughout the year. We were established in 2012! We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services. Our focus is on providing respite to the caregiver and an engaging and warm environment that serves aged or disabled individuals during the day! Our unique services focus on elderly support for memory impaired individuals or chronically or newly disabled persons with limitations. We offer specialized reminiscing therapy, music therapy, nature, pets, inter-generational activities and healthcare monitoring. We are also a Christian based organization and family owned and operated. We seek to provide a biblical based model of care offering prayer, bible devotion and scripture reading, hymns/sing along and special speakers throughout the day. Our center is smaller and has a European feel that is warm and inviting! Our staff to participant ratio is 4:1 over state mandates! We provide exceptional and personalized care and treat each family and participant as our family member. When persons with Dementia are in a social setting like a day center with others who have similar issues they perform at a higher functioning level. So when they come here they do better and usually return to home tired and have regulars sleep schedules at night. Reducing daytime sleep and increasing activity during the day equals thriving.

The Journey is better together!! Monday- Friday and every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. 7:30 am – 5:00 pm M-F: *9:00-4:00 Saturday Hours ( No transportation offered on Saturday) Evening Hours for Caregiver Respite! Tuesday and Thursday only 4:30pm to 8:30 pm! Call for more information. Enrolled participants receive 10% discount on evening care! You do not have to attend the day program to attend the evening program. Call 525-4422 More info. Choose 1 or 2 evenings a week. Monthly pro-rated.

  • Drop off location (7:30am-7:45am) No extra charge
  • Pick up location (4:45pm-5:00pm) No extra charge
  • Drop off/Pick up location at 1381 Crossings Centre Drive, Suite A Forest VA 24551
  • Door to Door curbside transportation available for an extra flat fee $10 daily. Directly to your DOOR!
*NEW Flat Rate! Monthly rate! includes all services except beauty parlor, door to door curbside transportation, event day trips.

Are you juggling a full-time job and caring for your aging parents who have mental and physical limitation’s ?: Has Dad remembered his medication? Did he take too much? Did Mom remember to eat? Are you nervous or hesitant about going to work, running errands or leaving your loved one alone for an extended period of time?

Raspberry Hill Adult Day Center replaces your anxiety with confidence and relief. Your family stays together. You can go to work or do errands with relief from worry about leaving someone home alone. Call Eddie or Tara Archer, the Owners 434-525-4422 to discuss how we can partner with you in caregiving for your loved one.       

Consider adult day services when:

  • You find strange placements of food or objects when you return home.
  • Your loved one doesn’t eat meals even when you prepare and leave them.
  • Your loved one cannot take medications as directed without your close supervision.
  • An older adult is at great risk of fall injuries because of mobility challenges.
elderly woman Experts say adult day care can be tremendously helpful in easing the burden of caregivers who work during the day. The goals of the programs are to delay or prevent institutionalization by providing alternative care, to enhance self-esteem and to encourage socialization, You can work and get the things done that help you keep your loved one at home and that means peace of mind for you and purposeful, fun-filled days for your loved one. Payment Options
  • Private Pay
  • Some Long-Term insurance Companies cover Adult Day Care
  • Tax Dependent Care Credit
  • Veteran’s Provider contract’s and Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Call 1-540-982-2463 Ext.1685 as a financial payment option for Adult Day Care.
New Location.
1381 Crossings Centre Drive, Suite A Forest VA 24551 “The journey is better together!”
Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center! Rest assured we do the driving though! Our pick up and drop off location is convenient or you choose curbside transportation for an additional flat fee $10 daily!

Our Mission statement

two women smiling To enhance the lives of our aging population who struggle with memory impairments and chronic health issues, their families, and the community through unique adult day services, respite care, education, and support. about us »

We are elderly care with dignity and EXPERTISE

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What if my Loved One is unsure about Attending?

Our centers have trained staff which deal with these situations every day. You can remind your loved one the program is not only a benefit for them, but it is a needed respite for you, their caregiver. We suggest you simply transport your loved one here, and we will take care of the rest. After a week or so of coming to our centers, our members typically integrate into the center. We are sure they will enjoy their time at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center and look forward to coming each week.

Can my Loved One attend the Program if they have dementia, are in a wheelchair, or are incontinent?

Yes, we welcome members with a variety of physical and cognitive impairments. Our centers are equipped with staff who are trained to assist your loved one with activities of daily living. They have to be able to respond to a single command whether in a wheelchair, walker, or with Dementia.

Photo Gallery

Get a glimpse of our activities and events at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center. We hope you can join us soon. It’s fun and engaging for all generations!

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