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Saving Lives Through the Use of CPR

In emergencies where lives are at stake, immediate medical attention must be provided. Based on studies, approximately 88% of people who experience cardiac arrests outside of the hospital die.

It is proven and tested that one of the most important ways to increase a person’s chance of survival is through prompt and proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). This procedure helps prevent the risk of brain death by supplying oxygen to the patient’s brain and other organs. CPR is not only necessary during cardiac arrests, but it is also helpful during drowning incidents, especially if no medical professionals are available to assist.

Taking healthcare courses on CPR can help you save a life whenever and wherever.

If you are looking for a provider of quality hybrid healthcare courses in Lynchburg, Virginia, your best choice is Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center.

Our adult daytime center in Virginia delivers healthcare training programs for various disciplines. We can help you improve as a professional if you simply want to level up your skills as a caregiver/healthcare practitioner.

Here are some of the hybrid classes that we offer:

  • Nurse aide courses
  • CPR classes
  • First aid classes
  • Medication aide classes
  • Refresher course classes

For further inquiries on our medication aide courses, you can reach out to us at 434-525-4422.

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