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The Importance of Learning How to Perform CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is a useful life-saving technique in several emergencies, namely, heart attacks and near-drowning emergencies where a person’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped. Like medication aide courses, learning CPR is crucial as it keeps oxygen-rich blood flowing to the brain until emergency medical treatment is performed.

As a provider of hybrid healthcare courses in Lynchburg, Virginia, we will discuss the importance of learning CPR:

  • CPR saves lives.
    By learning CPR, you learn how to respond to emergencies like cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is sudden, expected loss of heart function, consciousness, and breathing. When someone experiences cardiac arrest, CPR within minutes is essential to prevent brain injury and damage.
  • CPR is easy to learn.
    Learning how to perform CPR is relatively easy. You don’t need an MD or RN to your name to learn how to do CPR. You learn the necessary skills and knowledge to perform this life-saving technique through a CPR class.
  • CPR prevents brain death.
    During cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping blood to the brain and other essential organs. The decreasing blood flow to the brain causes the victim to fall unconscious. The brain can suffer damage within three minutes without proper blood flow. Learning CPR gives you the confidence to respond to cardiac arrest emergencies immediately to minimize the damage to the victim.

We offer high-quality certified healthcare hybrid courses at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center. Among our exceptional courses, we offer CPR classes which include AHA Basic Life Support (BLS), AHA Heartsaver CPR, First Aid, and more.

Contact us today to inquire about caregiver respite and our CPR classes.

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