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The Risks of Common Medication Mistakes

Seniors who have complicated conditions and are receiving many treatments are especially vulnerable to medication errors. While some medication errors do not always lead to serious health effects, this is not the case for others. For this reason, we at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center have not only committed to delivering top-notch services. We also go above and beyond to provide high-quality certified healthcare hybrid courses to ensure that older adults have access to skilled and reliable aides should they need one. As a trusted elderly daycare in Forest, Virginia, allow us to share the most common medication mistakes made by seniors, their potential risks, and how we can help mitigate them. These are:
    • Ignoring Dosing RequirementsAlthough prescription medications are the most typical culprits, it’s also possible to overdose on over-the-counter drugs. Seniors, in particular, are in danger of overdosing owing to memory decline. The staff at our adult daytime center in Virginia can provide the necessary assistance to ensure your loved ones are out of harm’s way.
    • Polypharmacy and Drug InteractionsWhile each medication is safe on its own, combining them might result in risky interactions. One of the many ways our caregivers may aid in avoiding this problem is to keep a detailed record of your loved one’s prescriptions.
  • Mixing Up MedicationsSeniors may also be taking incorrect medications altogether. Because we provide rigorous health care training classes such as nurse aide courses, our staff can ensure that this is prevented.
For those interested, we also have a caregiver support group available to everyone. Call us for inquiries!
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