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Comprehensive Medication Management

Comprehensive Medication Management Medicines can help address a disease or sickness. Some are designed to improve the patient’s symptoms. Others are to relieve pain. But whatever prescription your senior loved one is taking, keeping track of each one requires attention to detail and commitment.   As soon as the physician has given your loved one a prescription, getting the meds filled is the start. But if your loved one is by themselves, keeping up with the medication schedule can be a challenge. Is it time to take a pill? Which pill is scheduled now? Would there be enough for the day? This is where we provide our solution. Under our care, we provide comprehensive management of your senior’s medication.   Medication reminders can be ideal for seniors who prefer to be independent as possible. This minimal intervention acts as surveillance to monitor their adherence indirectly. Caregivers are only involved when a dose might get missed. We also proactively design the reminders to be easily recalled and medicines can be stored in easy-to-use containers for your senior loved ones.   Medication administration happens when seniors would have a more direct need of getting their medicines. Some clients may need medication through IV which not all people can do for themselves. With a reliable and steady hand, we can make sure your loved one gets their dose on time.   Prescription refill reminders ensure supplies are adequate. Your senior loved one would be thinking about other tasks and our solution is to do the monitoring for them. We can also coordinate with the pharmacist or with the physician if there is anything else.   While we deliver reliable management of your senior’s meds, we recognize that there are no perfect solutions. There are cases when situations go beyond what is expected and the key is to respond accordingly. For example, if your senior loved one is refusing to take their meds on time without any apparent reason, our staff is ready to coax and encourage them into taking the pill.   Overdose can also be avoided with an extra pair of eyes in supervision. Whether intended or not, a medicine overdose can be extremely dangerous for people in a vulnerable situation. Some prescription also requires safe storage as they may be abused by other people. You can count on us in making sure your loved one remains safe.   Effective medication management is one of the core services we deliver as a reliable adult daytime center in Forest, Virginia.   Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center has more adult day services in Virginia to offer. Call us today to discuss the care that you need.   If you are interested in starting a career in healthcare, we have healthcare training classes in Lynchburg, Virginia, to begin your journey. Visit our website for more information.
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