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Keeping an Engaged Mind and Body for Seniors

Keeping an Engaged Mind and Body for Seniors With an active mind and body, a person feels great. But just as nothing stays in perfect condition throughout, our mind and body also change. We progress as we grow into adults and then some functions decline as we age. We may not be able to control the seasons of change but we can do something about our response to it.   When it comes to seniors, engagement can become a little bit tricky. There are situations when their movement and trips outside the house are limited, which can put them into isolation. There are cases when doing physical activities is seen as a safety risk, especially when seniors can no longer keep their balance. Pain can also become a problem when physical movement is initiated.   But, these situations should not keep a person from being engaged. Different activities can be done considering physical limitations, mobility issues, or pain while providing something fun. Here are some activities that we take part in with our clients to keep the mind and body active.  
  • Activities that challenge the mind without too much physical effort – such as mental activities or games. Staying at home or in a care center should not limit our imagination. Tabletop games are classic favorites that every generation can easily learn and actively participate in. Crossword puzzles and scrabbles take memory and language to the test. Other games have the same effect. Some games are played with two people while other activities welcome as many people as possible. Every game is a challenge that keeps the mind engaged.  
  • Activities that stretch the bones and muscles while staying safe – simple exercises or recreational activities are healthy for the mind and body. Provided that safety precautions are met, your senior loved one can do some stretching in the company of their peers. With a little bit of green scenery, taking in that cool air to breathe into the lungs add nostalgia to the good old times. For patients who have very restricted movement or are bedbound, they can benefit from getting massages.  
  • Activities that connect people without traveling distances – technology has indeed made our lives more convenient especially for those who need it. With the Internet and modern devices, you can stay connected with your loved ones no matter the distance. Chats, video calls, or live streams are good ways to connect with people and break the physical isolation that eats up the soul.  
Are you looking for an adult daytime center in Forest, Virginia? Your loved ones deserve a caring and reliable adult daycare center.   Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center cares for your loved one through quality adult day services in Virginia.   We also provide healthcare training classes in Lynchburg, Virginia. Visit our website for more information.
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