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How Adult Daycare Helps Caregivers and Patients

how-adult-daycare-helps-caregivers-and-patients Being a family caregiver means that you need to juggle your schedule, from doing errands to attending to your loved one’s needs. The demand for time can be overwhelming, making you feel isolated and inadequate.   The good news is that resources are available to help you manage your time, money, and responsibilities so that no matter how small a task is, you always have the support you need.   Adult day services may be ideal if you’re worried about your loved one being alone at home all day but aren’t ready to place them in an assisted living facility.   An adult daycare center caters to the needs of the elderly who require assistance in their daily life or those who are also socially isolated. Many of these facilities also provide:  
  • Food
  • Leisure activities
  • Some health-related assistance
  • Social engagements in a facility supervised by trained staff or a licensed nurse aide
  Like our adult day services in Virginia, most daycare programs provide a safe, structured, and fun setting where your loved one can socialize with others and get the exercise they need to maintain their well-being and the highest level of care. The adult day programs allow you to go about your daily routine, knowing that your cherished one is in good hands.   In our adult daytime center in Forest, Virginia, most of our services include:  
  • Nursing Services
  • Dietary Services
  • Pet Therapy
  • Healthcare Monitoring and Supervision
  • Most Day Trips and Outings
  Some additional optional services are also available upon request by our clients, including beauty and barber service, door-to-door service, and hair and nail care services onsite.   With these services, your loved ones will be able to spend their days doing things they enjoy while being closely monitored by a healthcare professional. After that, you won’t have to worry about picking up your loved ones and bringing them back to your own home.   However, while these centers can be a valuable resource for carers, many overlook this option because some are afraid that their loved ones may not like being part of such a program. In contrast, others feel bad about entrusting the care of their loved ones to someone else.   Nevertheless, adult day care can significantly improve the patient’s behavior and provide the caregiver with much-needed rest when done correctly.   If you or your elderly family member requires the highest quality of care from us, Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center provides a safe place for your loved ones where they can enjoy their time while regaining their strength and well-being.   We also have healthcare training classes in Lynchburg, Virginia, for those who want to learn the fundamentals of healthcare or further their education and skills, so call us at 434-525-4422 to get started!
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