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How to Get Seniors to Drink More Water

One of the things they teach in personal care aide courses is to ensure their seniors are eating well and staying hydrated.

Being one of the leading providers of certified healthcare hybrid courses, we are experts when it comes to senior health. Here are our recommended tips to get your senior loved ones to drink more water:

Keep in mind that there are several sources of liquids. To be hydrated, people don’t always need to consume simply water. Water is present in coffee, tea, fruit juice, sweetened drinks, fruits, and vegetables. To help them become more hydrated without drinking fluids, consider offering more meals that are high in water content.

Water should always be accessible. Making it simple for them to grab a drink of water might occasionally motivate them to drink more. To make it quick and simple for them, try having a small pitcher of water and a cup next to their preferred spot.

Try liquids at various temperatures. Your senior may prefer cold drinks over hot ones or vice versa. Try several types to see which they like. You can try to warm up their juices or make a decaffeinated iced coffee with cream.

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