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How to Tell If Your Senior Had a Fall

No matter how we try to prevent accidents, they can happen. When they happen, what we do at the moment and thereafter can significantly impact the recovery of the person. Unfortunately, if the family is unaware of the accident, how can they help their loved one? Seniors may feel shy or embarrassed to tell their families about the fall. Sometimes, they may have forgotten about it. While we can always make them feel safe to open up, we can also do something to observe and confirm when such an accident has happened. The following tell-tale signs may not guarantee that such a fall took place. But, these may help bring up the topic to your loved one so that you may seek help following the accident.
  • Signs of limping or pain when moving
  • Sudden inability to move without any explanation
  • Destroyed, rearranged, or broken furniture
  • Unexplained bruising or swelling
  • Asking for pain relief for other conditions outside known complications
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