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The Best Ways to Store Your Medications


As a provider of certified healthcare hybrid courses, we can share some helpful tips on properly storing medications. Read on to learn more.

A lot of people store their medications inside their medicine cabinets inside the bathroom. While this is common practice, it is actually a big misconception. Medications should be kept away from heat and moisture such as that in the shower. Thus, cabinets above stoves and other hot appliances should also be avoided.

Medications are perfect in places where light and harsh temperatures can’t penetrate, such as inside a dresser drawer, bedside table, or closet. For seniors, it is important to keep them in places that are easy to reach and remember. But it is also important to note that your medications should not be seen or reached by pets and children.

It is also advisable to keep them in their original bottle or packaging unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. You can learn more about medication storing tips, medication management, and other lessons on medications through medication aide courses.

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