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Top Reasons to Prefer Adult Daycare Over a Nursing Home

Top Reasons to Prefer Adult Daycare Over a Nursing Home In your quest to find the best possible care living arrangement for your aging parent or senior loved ones, you may have come across the two options of receiving care in a nursing home or in an adult daycare center.   While both care arrangements are valuable, an adult daycare setting like our own at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center is better at accommodating a wider range of your senior loved one’s care needs.   In fact, most of our clients considered a nursing home setting before discovering the many possibilities offered through our adult day services in Virginia.   Below are some of the reasons they chose an adult daycare setting in the end:  
  • Variety in activities and meaningful social interactionUnlike a nursing home where care is the priority and where there isn’t a fixed day-to-day schedule, an adult daycare center offers recreational and educational activities at the same level of importance as its care services.   These activities include but are not limited to physical exercise, social activities that let them create new friendships, mental and social stimulation, and other activities that help them reach an enhanced level of independence.
  • RestrictionsAn adult daycare center is built to be conducive to social interactions, and, as such, is an engaging environment to be in.   Nursing homes, on the other hand, can be restrictive. As a long-term setting, it usually calls for an incoming elderly patient to cut ties or be away from their home and community. Such a setup can increase the risk for depression and anxiety.
  • Potential for sub-quality care and/or neglectA nursing home setting comes with the expectation that all the needs of the elderly patients will be provided for. However, when approximately 90 percent of these facilities are understaffed and chronically underfunded, it is not farfetched to think about the occurrences of neglect and subpar care likely happening more often.
  An adult daycare is less stressful than a nursing home setting simply because it is not a long-term care facility; not to mention, it allows for more relaxed interactions since part of the program is providing social opportunities as well as a safe and familiar place for your loved one to receive health services.   These are only some of the reasons that the setting like our very own adult daytime center in Forest, Virginia, is the better option for your senior loved one.   Aside from our adult daycare services, we also offer healthcare training classes in Lynchburg, Virginia.   For more information about our services, classes, as well as the specifics of what we can offer your senior loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.
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