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Home Care VS Adult Daycare: What Are the Differences?


Are you in the middle of deciding on the living arrangement of your mom or dad or an elderly family member? Making the choice can be tough considering that this involves not only their health but also what would be the majority of their golden years.


That is why as your trusted provider of senior care services and healthcare training classes in Lynchburg, Virginia, we are providing you a briefer on the differences between two of the most useful care provisions available for our elderlies today—home care and adult daycare. By being fully informed about the benefits and limitations of both care pathways, you can be able to make the best decision for them.


To begin, let us first discuss what home care and adult daycare are.


An adult daycare is a facility, typically non-residential, that provides a wide scope of daily activities for seniors in a social environment that they may not be able to do or participate in at home. Home care, on the other hand, is a care arrangement aimed at maintaining the individual’s independence by providing them with the assistance, both personal and domestic, to make this possible.


In line with this, here are the key differences between the two:

  • Cost

    How much you would have to pay for your senior loved one’s stay in home care or in an adult daycare would depend on their care needs. For instance, personal care services, a key home care service, run hourly. On the other hand, adult daycare would usually require a fixed fee for the day.

  • Range of services/levels of care

    Home care is the more practical option for those who suffer from a debilitating illness or are in need of intensive monitoring since they would not need to get moved around. An adult daycare would best serve individuals who are not homebound but who can no longer structure their own daily activities or are left alone at home.

  • Quality of interactions

    An adult daycare offers more activities that are aimed at promoting cognitive and social function, and thus more varied interactions than a home care setting where it is usually just the family and other loved ones who provide the engagement.


Also, there is the matter of strained family relations such that an adult daytime center in Forest, Virginia, or elsewhere, may be the better choice for them.


That said, the decision will depend on your loved one’s specific needs at a given period. They may need adult daycare now and may need home care in the future or vice versa. In fact, they may even require both at the same time.


We hope we have helped you decide what’s the best for mom and dad or your other elderly loved ones’ situation today.


Need assistance? Don’t hesitate to enlist our adult day services in Virginia at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center.

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