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Conditioning Your Bladder and Bowel through Retraining

conditioning-your-bladder-and-bowel-through-retraining Incontinence is a nuisance chiefly during bedtime. Getting up multiple times at night just to urinate and defecate will disrupt your sleeping patterns and leave you stressed the next morning. Ergo, medical experts in our adult day care facility recommend Bladder Retraining to regulate your bladder capacity and Bowel Retraining to normalize your stool consistency for easier defecation. To do so, your personal care aide will help you practice the following:
  • Take Advantage of Ortho ReflexDo this after rising, and succeeding breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once you’re done urinating, sit in the toilet bowl while your feet are placed on a stool for 5 minutes. This will activate your body’s bowel movement.
  • Coordinating Voiding ScheduleGenerally, normal urination is 5-7 times a day from rising to bedtime. Urinating more than this is considered abnormal. To regulate it, try holding it in for 3 hours from your last urination, and to successfully practice that, you can do 5 belly breaths, divert your attention, put pressure on your perineal area, and when it’s almost your peeing schedule, don’t rush and maintain being “in control” of your bladder.
  • Stick to the ScheduleFor proficient retraining, reinforcement is the key. Although you don’t feel like it and regardless of the amount, urinate and defecate during your scheduled time to condition your bladder and bowel.
Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center, your adult daytime center in Forest, Virginia, have experienced and dedicated nurses who can aid your senior loved ones in their bladder and bowel retraining. Enjoy quality and personalized care for a better living with our adult day services in Virginia! We also offer hybrid healthcare training classes in Lynchburg, Virginia, as a means to further your education. Get started by sending us a message!
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