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Safety and Fall Prevention Tips for Your Loved Ones

safety-and-fall-prevention-tips-for-your-loved-ones “I should’ve been more careful.” That’s usually what we say to ourselves the moment we see the bandages on our ankles or gauze rolls wrapped around our heads. As an adult daytime center in Forest, Virginia, Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center follows these safety and fall prevention tips in our daytime center:
  • Check-ups with Your Healthcare Providers.We’ll assess the side effects of your existing medications, and remove sedatives, antihistamines, and antidepressants from the list that may escalate your susceptibility to falls. In instances that you badly need these medications, we can prescribe alternatives for you. Furthermore, we can assign a personal care aide to guide you in doing your recommended exercises to improve your strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Appropriate FootwearYour nurse aide will let you wear shoes that fit you well which are also sturdy and flat with nonskid soles to reduce pain in your joints.
  • Correct Object Placements We made sure that all the unnecessary objects from walking and high-traffic areas are removed. Protruding, sharp objects are placed inside the cabinets, and large appliances are all stored in rooms away from their reach.
  • Well-Lit SpacesWe’ve installed lights in areas where sunlight can barely enter such as hallways and staircases for easier navigation, especially during nightfall.
  • Provided Assistive DevicesAside from canes and walkers that you can use, we’ve placed grab bars and handrails that you can hold onto for further mobility assistance.
As providers of adult day services in Virginia, we will provide everything you can utilize as protection from serious consequences. We also offer hybrid healthcare training classes in Lynchburg, Virginia, as a means to further your education. Get started by sending us a message!
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