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Activities Services

The activities program at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center is an integral part of participant care. Planning of activities emphasizes the participant’s strengths and abilities contributing to his / her feelings of competence and accomplishment. Upon admission, each participant is assessed to determine their level of functioning, behaviors and mental status. Based upon the outcome of this assessment, participants are accepted into the program based on their ability to participate in each activity and functional ability. Activities: Activities are provided for persons whose assessments indicate mild to low moderate impairments and moderate to high social appropriateness. Activities for this group provide: OPEN MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY: 1st AND 3rd SATURDAY!
  1. Enjoyable experiences that stimulate cognitive functioning;
  2. Relaxation and stress release;
  3. Physical fitness;
  4. Creative opportunities for self-expression;
  5. Opportunities for socialization;
  6. Contact with the community;
  7. Reminiscent therapy;
  8. Increased self esteem through “failure-free” experiences.
Activities will be provided in a structural manner but are subject to minor changes and according to therapeutic responses to therapy. There will be opportunities for congregate activities. Some examples of congregate programming are music activities; pet therapy; intergenerational programs and community entertainment programs. Activities programming will be a balance of purposeful activities to address the participants’ varied social, intellectual, cultural, economic, emotional, physical and spiritual interests. There will be individualized, small, and large group activities that allow for both active and spectator participation. Activity flow patterns will range from more demanding and structured activities in the morning when participants are more alert to deliberately quieting activities in the afternoon as participants begin to experience some fatigue. But we will accommodate adequate rest periods throughout the day in small increments and prn. Activities will be planned one month in advance and the activities schedule will be conspicuously posted in the facility.