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Nursing Services

Nursing Services in Lynchburg, Virginia

In addition to providing nursing interventions prescribed by each participant’s attending physician (e.g. RN administration or supervision of self administration of medications and treatments), nursing service at Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center provides preventative, and supportive care to maintain each participant’s optimum level of wellness. The nursing service consists of a Director that is a RN, an Assistant Director that is a RN, and Therapeutic Activity Aides. Preventative nursing services include, but not limited to:
  1. Monitoring of vital signs and weight
  2. Monitoring of dietary and fluid intake
  3. Monitoring of function, behavior and mental status
  4. Supervision to prevent falls
  5. Care to prevent infection
  6. Care to prevent incontinency
  7. Care to prevent skin breakdown
  8. Monitoring of blood sugars.
  9. Health education and counseling to participants and family caregiver
  10. Medication Administration
Supportive nursing services include, but not limited to:
  1. Personal care (PRN), bathing, grooming, dressing
  2. Maintenance cares of colostomy or ileostomy (as long as pt is mobile and stable.)
  3. Maintenance care of urinary catheters (as long as it is mobile and stable)
  4. Coordination of the provision of other health care services.
  5. Communication with the participant’s attending physician and family caregiver to assure continuity of care.
** Participant must bring all supplies needed for care mentioned above. Because Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center serves elderly persons with a variety of medical conditions, therefore the participant may experience or staff may notice a slight change in their condition at any time, so these special needs of this population are an integral part of nursing care rendered. Examples of this specialized care as applicable to nursing:
  1. Monitoring of function and behavior to detect change which may be indicative of an underlying physical problem.
  2. Observation for adverse medication reactions and for the effects of polypharmacy.
  3. Encouragement of family caregivers to avail participant of a geriatric assessment.
An adaptation of activities of daily living will be applied if need to accommodate the participant’s declining functioning level. If at any time Raspberry Hill Adult Daytime Center is unable to provide the level of care that the participant needs, a written discharge will be done by the Director/ Assistant Director so continuity of care can be given at a higher level facility.


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